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The Girl's Guide to Online Dating, by a survivor!

by Rachel Caton

'The dating world is a minefield. This, my dear readers, is an undeniable fact. For women, it’s fraught with the challenges of interpreting, judging, translating and understanding men, their words and actions.' Thus Rachel Caton opens her essential guide to navigating the world of online dating for young women ready to try something different to the traditional bar-hopping approach. From writing a profile to going on actual dates, Rachel offers entertaining anecdotes from her own experiences and those of close friends. If you haven’t tried online dating yet, this book will certainly make you contemplate giving it a go.

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Tantric Afternoons

by Vanessa de Largie

Writer and actress Vanessa de Largie is insatiably into free love, a sampler of many sexual options. She is fearless in following her sexual cravings, and writing about them. To do otherwise, she feels, would amount to being unfaithful to herself. In this bold, sensual and highly erotic book, Vanessa takes us with her on her quest for pleasure, through exploring Tantric sex, group sex, solo sex and more. (Those offended by explicit erotic literature are urged to buy something fictional, like 50 Shades of Grey.)

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'Dead' is a 4-Letter Word, by Robin Dalton

by Robin Dalton

In ‘Dead’ is a 4-Letter Word, Robin Dalton, ninety- two – ex-intelligence agent, writer, television presenter, literary agent and film producer – takes a hilarious look at death and the way we die these days. With a smile firmly set on her face, her wish is for a ‘jolly death’, without all the pussy-footing, political correctness and false sentimentality around the subject. She looks at death head-on – plain, simple, good old death. Not ‘passing away’, or any of the other squeamish innuendos we have come up with to avoid the issue. ‘Dead’ need not be a four-letter word: to Robin, the grim reaper is a cowled buffoon who should be laughed at and never feared . . .

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Kill All the Lawyers, you know you'd like to

by Michael Bradley

Has the public finally lost all respect for the legal profession? Top lawyer Michael Bradley certainly thinks so. He argues that lawyers have only themselves to blame. He goes much further, in this eviscerating inquiry into the decline of the legal profession: the law has become a base commodity; lawyers reward themselves according to the second hand on the clock – imposing absurd charges on their hapless clients – and not according to their perceived ‘value’ as legal counsellors.

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