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Whatever happened to 'mum' and 'dad'?

by Paul Ham and Bernie Brown

If we judge the West by the state of its families, the West is sick. Millions of children barely see their parents, or for only a few minutes a day. One in two families break down, for better or worse. This Kindle Single is a defense of parents and children. It does not suggest a return to the 1950s. On the contrary, it champions the ‘New Family’, which most policymakers, companies, religions and social conservatives have failed to accept or keep pace with. Paul Ham and Bernie Brown offer 12 ‘Modest Proposals’ that might better attune the West to the needs of the New Family.

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What we did for rubber: The Putumayo Affair

by Adam Courtenay

BLOOD RUBBER - HOW THE AMAZON DIED tells the extraordinary story of one of the blackest episodes in Amazonian history, known as the Putumayo Affair. In 1907, Walter Hardenburg, a young American explorer and engineer, was canoeing down a meandering tributary of the Amazon, in search of adventure. Instead, he came upon the rubber plantations of Julio César Arana, who routinely enslaved the native people, and flogged, raped and tortured to death any who resisted. Hardenberg vowed to seek justice for thousands of victims of the Putumayo atrocities, and to publicise the destruction of their lives and culture across the world. This is the story of how he did it.

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Choosing a site for armageddon

by Paul Ham

How did America choose the targets for the atomic bomb? What made Hiroshima preferable over Kyoto or Tokyo? Critical to the mission to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a series of meetings set up in mid-1945 of America’s most powerful military, political and scientific chiefs. These committeemen would decide where and how the first nuclear weapons would be used in anger. In this absorbing and provocative narrative, historian Paul Ham shines a torch on their arguments to reveal the thinking behind the atomic destruction of two cities – and how the Target Committee justified it at the time.

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How one woman found love after breast cancer

by Dr Katherine Schmidhofer

How will sex and love be after breast cancer? How does a couple cope with the sensitivities? For both women – and men – the question is rarely asked. Soon after her 25th birthday, Katherine Schmidhofer was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her doctor advised an immediate mastectomy. Her breasts were removed, and she underwent ghastly sessions of chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Where many women despair after breast cancer, Katherine chose to live her life – to the full. And she chose love. In this beautifully warm, often funny, and deeply moving memoir, Katherine guides us through love and sex after the Big C – and shows why every new day is a triumph of hope and courage.

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The creation of a scientific genius

by Dr Robyn Arianrhod

Everyone recognises the famous physicist with the wild, white hair. But what sort of person was the young Albert Einstein, before he became universally acclaimed as the archetypal genius? And how did his genius unfold? In this brilliant new Kindle Single, scientist Robyn Arianrhod blends biography with popular science to tell the story of how young Albert developed a theory that – unknown to him at first – contained the seeds of his extraordinary equation E = mc2.

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